Rapid - Portugal - Public Art

With two artists each from the UK, Finland and Portugal this residency enabled collaborative and cross disciplinary work between artists, the community of Avis in Alentego and emerging artists from each country.

Works produced included a mobile performance with 20 short presentations of projections, music and dance at sites around the town.
Final work was the Rapid Festival with Friday and Saturday night public art events showing innovative film, dance, music and drama works. All works were original and produced during the residency.

Convent - This work was shown as the final work of the residency. Part of the Rapid Arts Festival it took place on Saturday evening. The musicians improvised around a devised piece in response to the projection works as they were screened.

Mobile performance works - 20 innovative new works by the rapid artists working in collaboration

Rapid Arts Festival - Saturday night in the town square




This commission was supported by Seachange Arts in the UK,

Avis Municipality in Portugal and the city of Turku in Finland (Youth Council).

A European Commission Funded Project.