Technical Collaborations - Helsinki Concert Hall - Kullervo

Working with the renowned composer and conductor Leif Sergerstam, and the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, concerts were developed for Helsinki and Turku Concert Halls to coincide with Finnish Independence Day. Art students from Turku Academy
worked with me to create the artwork over a period of several months.

Developed in collaboration with Colin Dewar the wireless system for violin players is a new invention that enables the players to draw whilst playing music. String players wear a movement-tracking armband. This armband is attached to a wireless unit on the music stand. The challenge of Helsinki’s concert hall was the size of the concert hall, the level of accuracy demanded by the players and the very large audience. Wireless transmission data must be sent with imperceptible time delays to a projected drawing over prepared video and live feed camera imagery. I devised and constructed a three screen projection space using large rear screen, 5m hanging paper constructed screen and the male chorus of 100 people. The men wore white army fatigues and moved across three levels to form a large human projection-screening environment.