SE5 Scene - London - Public Art

Taking place in South London's SE5 area this project was developed over a three month period. I worked with Karen Whiteread and young people of the area toward the presentation of this work, a multi screen outdoor installation.

Final works were projected onto the walls of the Camberwell Green Magistrates Court (Youth Courts where many of the young people have had negative experiences). The pressures upon this group within an economically and culturally deprived area were explored in the work alongside children's homelessness and related struggles.
The work demonstrated a creativity and vibrancy to the surrounding community with original music and events alongside nightly screenings.

SE5 Scene Camberwell Green Youth Courts - Four screen large scale projections with music and lyrics from Kids Company studio work reflecting the lives of teenagers in the area. Events included community evening with Fish and Chip van.

Kids Company - We developed the work through a studio and workshops twice weekly at Kids Company.
Films included facts about Kids Company such as children's homeless figures, quotes from teenagers and staff;
'many vulnerable children are involved with gangs, drugs and prostitution'
'no child is born a criminal or an abuser'

All Angels - Workshops at Peckham Academy and St Michaels and All Angels School allowed us to develop sections of the films. Animations and life experiences played out in 'films in boxes' were made.