Durban Art Gallery - South Africa

The Interactive Street Child exhibition at Durban Art Gallery opened to a tremendous crowd including many street children. It remained open throughout the FIFA world cup challenging the 'clearing' of street children from the streets of Durban in contravention of their human rights. The work is a collaboration between Zulu, UK artists and street children.

Justice Albie Sachs opened this exhibition on Human Rights Day together with the 'Dialogue Among Civilisations' and 'Suitcase of Memories' shows.

A film showing the removal of street children by the Metro police was projected in the gallery. They were left 60km out of the city or placed in 'camps' until the games are over. It was necessary to provide a safe house to prevent losing the young footballers and artists during this project. There was considerable pressure on the gallery to remove this film from the police.

Much singing and dancing in the gallery.