Pallomeri - Urban Interventions

Reclaiming territories through

trans-disciplinary collaborative art practices

How can temporary moving image installation art be used as an intervention into urban space and offer new forms of interactivity?

Recent research has taken place around sites of global events. This work was at the site of the European Capital of Culture in 2011. These events, and their branding, function as intensities within wider issues of globalization. The global event is transitory, and yet establishes a lasting effect in localised areas. The branding of global events brings together seemingly unlikely partnerships and sponsorship deals. how the temporary global event accumulates capital and results in the appropriation of public space within our cities, through state/business partnerships, which often lead to conflicts and control mechanisms.

Artists are able to use culture to cross geographical divides in order to challenge the dominant visual media and to deliver alternative messages and meanings. This work was made through a unique collaborative method of working and included experienced artists, young artists and scientists. Examining the ecology of the Baltic Sea enabled environmental problems around shipping, agriculture and fishing to be used to 'articulate the cracks' in the dominant systems of power. These economic models are unable to adequately address environmental crisis or take steps to move toward sustainable futures.

This work transformed the building conceptually into a ferryliner. Tickets were sold in the shopping mall where 27 screens showed Pallomeri advertisements. Visitors came across the frozen sea to the site on an island without knowing what to expect. They were immediately caught up in the drama, the making of meaning. Once inside the ship photographer snapped their image and posted it on the walls. Netting showed live undersea webcam images of jellyfish. The cheesy songs of the ferry dance floor could be heard and rooms full of different objects encouraged playful, thoughtful and reflective interaction.