Turku - Finland - Central Library

In the centre of Turku we find a land mark new building, the award winning Central Library. This was built by Asmo Jaaksi of JKMM Architects. Collaborative work with Susana Nevado and students of the Arts Academy explored the urban space and asked a number of questions:
How do we define private space and public space?
What influences or conditions our behavior in these spaces?
How can we change the way we use public space?

Projections took place on the concrete façade of the library for the first time, beginning at six in the afternoon they lasted throughout the night. The work here and at Brinkhalli created a dialogue between the city and its historical roots.

Within the library installations, performance and music took place. Information on screens throughout the building showed the work of Jussila, Kallio ja Karsi which induced the viewer to search for messages that they had left among the books in the library.

In the women's toilets domestic utensils and birds moved within a tropical environment. In the rotunda of the old library building, among historical portraits, live portraits confronted visitors. Improvised live music accompanied readings in snow within the courtyard among rocking chairs.