Norwich - The Water Factory - Exhibition - 2006


This installation was created in collaboration with Madeleine Chiche and Bernard Misrachi of Groupe Dunes, Marseilles, France. It transformed a disused factory, now used as an educational music space on the riverside in Norwich into a space of sensory experience; a visual and sound environment within which viewers were able to explore their perceptions.

Water Factory was found by walking along Riverside toward the Friendship Bridge. It was viewed from across the water or from the bridge itself. Video and sound works will animated the space from dusk until dawn daily.

Ambient sound and noises from boats and people was picked up on microphones outside the building. This sound triggered changes in the installation altering the lighting of the neon lettering and changing it's meaning.

Viewers were able to also interact with the installation online clicking on areas to see a transformation onscreen and to control the actual installation on the river.

Window projections in black and white were reflected in the river. These images, ranging from industrial factory images exploring past uses of the building to protesting people marching against the tide, were filmed to be viewed in the water as much as the windows. Rippling reflections were shown in the windows, ducks landing affected the neons, passers by shouted and the installation responded.

Waterways Art Trail was open throughout the exhibition providing a trail of ten thought-provoking artistic installations between Novi Sadd Bridge and Duke Street, Norwich, inspired by the river using sound, light, video, photography and music.
Norwich City Council