Brecon - Making Mountains

Brecon is re-evaluating itself, finding a new focus in the wake of Foot and Mouth. Agriculture, the main income generator for this area is waning, tourism although growing, lacks cohesion and joined-up thinking. The cultural sector is largely ignored and not seen as a source of regeneration. This work confirms culture as the seed for growth and sustainable economic development and attempts to locate Brecon as a centre for the arts.

This work reflects; using material gathered into an archive by the artist whilst working with the community, an insight as to how through interpretation the town might have an alternative vista, an animated urban townscape with a number of possible potentials.

In contrast to previous public art projection work by the artist transforming one building around a central concept the artist will use three separate buildings and attempt to animate areas of the town, moving viewers through the town itself, linking the artworks and enabling the viewers to interpret meaning form one to another.

3 Venues

Lloyds Bank

In the centre of Brecon and visible from some distance the projection offered potential ideas around future possibilities for change in Brecon alongside a personal journey by the artist made during the residency.

The Struet

This site within a busy street allowed for a video reflecting upon the history and site of Brecon in relation to connections with Cardiff and beyond.

Reparrer House

A site for projections that explored architecture, the potential for new architectural design alongside old and the relationship to the landscape and landscape related activities in Mid Wales.

Town Centre

The busy town centre is transformed by the projections and sound installations as interaction with the installations takes place.