Brecon - Wales - Public Art - Residency

The artist was engaged to work in Brecon, for a six month period with Brecon Action, part of a unique team to realise a proposal for a new design centre for the town. Brecon is re-evaluating itself, finding a new focus in the wake of Foot and Mouth. Agriculture, the main income generator for this area is waning. The cultural sector is largely ignored and not seen as a source of regeneration. The artist's role in PROJECT; engaging artists in the built environment; a prestigious award, the only one in Wales (funded by CABE, A&B and Arts Council of England), was to be a consultant to consolidate and visualise ideas and engage the community and artists. During this period the artist gathered still, text and moving image work. Following on from the six month period, and using the archive, the exhibition Making Mountains allows the artist to consider how image making can support and influence and allow "static issues" and ideas to be re-presented manipulated changed and animated within public spaces. Three key Georgian buildings in the town were used for projection transforming the surrounding public spaces.

Making Mountains - Large scale projections on three key Georgian buildings within the town. Moving images offered a mirror to the town as well as a personal journey by the artist whilst working in the Brecon.

Brec Fest - A four day festival curated by Richard Miller presented work done by the artist during the residency with Brecon Action. The festival also showcased the work of the organisation over the past four years and local artists.

Design Centre - Work done during the residency toward visualising a new design centre for Brecon. The artist worked toward the aim of locating Brecon as a centre for the arts. Work included involvement with Bristol University's Architectural school.

Cluster - The artist worked with local artists in and around Brecon. Training and exhibition opportunities were offered including a visit to Tate Modern in London. This visit encouraged the artists to contextualise their practice. The group is now constituted.

Architectural - During the residency work with the architectural department of Bristol University offered the opportunity to explore site specific installation of envisaged new building design within Brecon.


PROJECT residency:
Brecon Action, CABE (Council for Architecture in the Built Environment, Arts Council of England, Arts and Business
Arts Council of Wales, National Parks, Welsh Development Agency.