Camberwell - London- Public Art

This installation was commissioned by Camberwell Arts Festival. The festival is now a large festival in South London including visual and live art. The work, three site projections linked three of the estates around Camberwell. As artist I worked in the area gathering visual material from the streets and activities that were taking place. Using this material I interwove animated sequences that I had created. exploring ideas around each of the estates. Different work was shown at each site. This work acted in some ways as a mirror for the communities, engaging them in the process of exploring meaning within this urban environment. Films ran nightly for 8 nights throughout the festival.

Elmington Road - On the Elmington Estate this projection used the end wall of a large block of flats. It was faced by other blocks and residents were able to come out onto the balconies to view the work.

New Road - On the main road into Camberwell this projection was on the wall of the snooker club with the Whyndam Estate close by.

Warner Road - This work was at the end of the street facing the blocks of the Crawford Estate. The Rose and Thistle public house is on the corner and were very supportive.