Flotation - Exhibition curated by Beverley Carpenter

Work by Beverley Carpenter and 9 other artists exploring the corporate and office world. Exhibition shown at two venues, Cambourne business park and Wysing Arts Gallery. Openings with live performances by TNWK. Challenging exhibition exploring the corporate world through an open plan office installation. Interactiion with each artists work at workstations and through projections.


The Agent Anne Ninivin Still from video Exhibition curated by Beverley Carpenter showing her own work and nine other artists Kate Alcock Jon Fawcett Stella Eldon Dale Peck Tim Taylor Mysterious Al TNWK Gabriel Norland David Lambert Much of the work developed at Blender events. Some of the work direct interventions into corporate spaces All of the work relating to the office or corporate environment All of the work challenging and interactive.
View into cafe at Citrix R&D HQ

Video running in window of ring binder (still)

Beverley Carpenter QuakeCambourne

David Lambert with lovewell.com
Jon Fawcett and Blair