Cambourne - Cambridge - Residency


An exciting new residency bringing artist Beverley Carpenter into Cambourne, the new town just outside Cambridge. The artist is engaged to work in the residential area and the business park, organising events and siting temporary public artwork.

Residency supported by Arts and Business Partnership Cambourne Business Park Facilitated by Wysing Arts. Image making, video making, events, exhibitions, projections and interventions into corporate and domestic life.

Corporate events at the business park in office premises. Domestic events in showhomes within the residential area. Initial meetings between the artist and those living and working in Cambourne revealed musicians, video makers and a community of Parkour enthusiasts.

Blender 1 and 2, corporate art's buffets, transformed unlet headoffice space into creative space production space for the evening. Cambourne is a utopian new town just outside Cambridge where the history, social structure and physical spaces are under construction.